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  1. Ok I had one that was 10 ft wide that looked similar to the pic above that seemed to have something different for ceilings,like maybe fiberboard and someone was doing a repair for me on a leak in the ceiling and told me it had asbestos in it and I’ve been worried since. Not sure the exact model of mine but the windows were same as above and a pink bathtub and reddish colored countertop.


    1. Here is what a knowledgeable man on the fb group, Norm Riehle, said: “In general, I’d say the 8 wides all used plywood for ceilings, most usual was Birch…. That continued into the first 10 wides, then acoustical tiles applied to a plywood substrate came on the scene, then as it went into the 1960s, plywood with a vinyl coating also was sometimes used – most often with the screws and rosettes, then the compressed paper acoustical plank ceilings came on the scene, most with hidden fasteners as that was a more finished look…. Later the acoustical planks with the plastic strips covering the fasteners became pretty much universal…. Those strips always yellow over time, so you need to paint the ceiling with flat ceiling paint to make them look good again….”

      In my opinion: Asbestos fibers are only a possible concern when they become airborne. If one was to rip into the material with a saw or other tool, then IF the material contained asbestos (most material does not, or many times the amount is very small), then there COULD be some asbestos floating around, which MIGHT be dangerous. If the building material is just there, doing its job, not crumbling apart, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Everyone KNOWS smoking causes cancer, but does the gov’t ban that? No, because they take in a great deal of tax money from that. This alarm about other stuff, asbestos, Freon, greenhouse gases, etc., is often done to keep the people in fear, which is Satan’s specialty. Because fear is the opposite of faith. And faith is the key to our relationship with Jesus Christ.


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